• A Toronto company is reinventing solar technology

    Success story

    SPOTlight modules are translucent, so they enable daylight to come into the building; however, they are also designed to block direct light from the sun and generate energy that is equal to or greater than what a standard technology would achieve.

  • RG System moves north in pursuit of the Canadian dream

    Success story

    RG System, the French IT management firm, had initially set stakes in the Sunshine State three years ago, but found that business demand was drawing them north as the Canadian market for their SaaS and cloud solutions began to take off.

  • IT firm SII Group finds room to grow in Ontario

    Success story

    SII Group operates in 18 countries around the world. When it came to their latest expansion in Toronto they found the OIO ready to help.

  • Ontario's AI ecosystem is powering the global shift toward a digital economy


    Ontario has the talent and technology to lead in the knowledge economy. In Ontario, researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses large and small are on the frontier of science and technology, overlaying IT with traditional industry strengths to develop solutions to the world's most challenging problems.

  • The Ontario AI start-up helping to transform the legal sector


    Blue J Legal is using machine learning to transform how law firms operate. With AI, lawyers can now provide legal advice that has even greater value to the client, and more clients have access to affordable, quality legal advice.

  • SideFX brings home Oscar hardware for its groundbreaking software

    Success story

    SideFX's Houdini program has made movie magic in blockbusters ranging from Moana to The Shape of Water, earning them two Oscars.

  • Smart, reliable and clean: Toronto start-up develops tech to monitor and manage off-grid systems across the globe

    Success story

    Clear Blue Technologies has a vision to deliver clean, managed, off-grid power that is both reliable and low cost to markets across the globe.

  • World's first Quantum Machine Learning Start-up Program lives in Ontario

    Success story

    Ontario has, for many years now, been a formidable contender in quantum science and artificial intelligence. Today, thanks to Toronto, Ontario-based Creative Destruction Lab's ground-breaking programs for quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence start-ups, the province – and indeed, the rest of the country – is poised to lead the global race in both fields.

  • Relationship advice for AI


    People are still not sure whether they can trust intelligent machines. Here are three pieces of advice to help AI overcome the challenge of evolving a trusting relationship between humans and machines.

  • Why Toronto is the ideal location for Amazon HQ2


    Amazon has named Toronto to its shortlist of cities to be considered as the location for its second North American headquarters – and we're not surprised.

  • 10 AI companies to watch for in 2018


    Ontario is where entrepreneurial energy is combining vast amounts of data, blinding fast computing power and deep neural networks to disrupt every industry. Here are 10 Ontario-based AI companies to watch in 2018.

  • Canada's first A.I.-driven exchange traded fund

    Success story

    Toronto, Ontario's Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. has always been known for industry “firsts.” The company has done it again with Canada's first A.I.-driven ETF.

  • AI meets life sciences: Ontario bets on WinterLight Labs

    Success story

    Toronto's WinterLight Labs is working on novel AI technology that can diagnose and monitor cognitive diseases like dementia.

  • Biolab Farmacêutica’s global expansion starts in Ontario

    Success story

    Biolab Farmacêutica, one of Brazil's largest pharmaceutical firms, opens its first international research and development centre in Ontario.

  • What does home mean in Ontario?


    Ontario is where we prosper and connect with the world. And people and ideas are welcome no matter where they come from. Our collaborative approach between government, academia and business has created an ecosystem that keeps us one-step ahead. Ontario is building the way the world will live tomorrow, in a place you and your family will want to call home.


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