The global demand for innovative clean water solutions is growing. Companies looking to capitalize on this opportunity are choosing to do business in Ontario, Canada.  Ontario has the R&D capacity, talent and government programs you need to develop and commercialize new products and services for the North American and global marketplace.


Clean water solutions -
There's a growing demand 
$13 billion in the US by 2017
$53.4 billion worldwide by 2020 
Ontario Canada... Where big ideas hold the promise of clean water for everyone
900 established companies 
300 early-stage innovators
9 top global water companies
Newterra: membrane filtration
Trojan UV: ultraviolet disinfection
SNC Lavalin: water engineering
Hydromantis environmental: smart water technology
Envirologics: pipe inspection and rehabilitation
Real Tech: smart water systems
Xogen technologies: waste water treatment
Ontario: Connecting 
Government / Industry / Universities
The Southern Ontario Water Consortium
The world's first large-scale platform to develop new water technologies 
In real world situations
Ontario: Research
Sophisticated global R & D Network
100 technology incubators
100+ water-related research institutes
Ontario: Research Excellence / Established Companies / Government Support
A world-class reputation for innovation
Ontario: Developing cutting edge solutions for the global market
Be a part of it 
Make Ontario, Canada
Your Next Big Idea

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