William Charnetski, Ontario's Chief Health Innovation Strategist, explains why Ontario is a great place for health technology innovation.


[TOS] Ontario spotlights series

I am really excited to be the first Chief Health Innovation Strategist in Ontario.

We are not here to create something brand new.

[TOS] William Charnetski, Ontario's Chief Health Innovation Strategist

We don't need to. There are incredibly wonderful things happening in Ontario already.

It's the potential that really, really excites me.

We're going to focus on building a health technology ecosystem. We are going to increase the number of startups. Scale up more companies to be bigger and better companies. Get the best and the brightest the multinational companies have to bring to Ontario. And also have an even better academic and research environment.

I think Ontario really needs an office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist because it will be incredibly helpful to the system to have somebody who can focus on using innovation to help make the investment in healthcare an economic driver. And I am really excited to have that role, and I am incredibly optimistic about what we can achieve.

We have so many smart, hardworking, passionate people in this discipline.

We already have companies, interestingly enough, that are selling in the United States, Western Europe and increasingly the Middle East and even China. Now, we want to get them to penetrate the Ontario market. And get them to grow bigger and ultimately become world-leading companies.

I think Ontario is a great place for health technology innovation, and I think right now is the right time to come to Ontario.

[TOS] Ontario, Canada

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