Ontario has an immensely strong telecom ecosystem consisting of international and homegrown organizations that push the technology envelop every day. We have a deep pool of highly skilled and educated workers with extensive industry experience as well as some of the finest state-of-the-art R&D facilities in the world. Ontario offers all of this while boasting the lowest business costs in the G7.

Why companies choose Ontario: it's the ecosystem and talent

Ontario's vibrant telecommunications ecosystem has everything you need to be successful. It's a well-oiled machine that supports more than 700 companies. From business incubators supporting next-generation wireless applications to cutting edge R&D, Ontario has the infrastructure in place along with the resources and people you need to move your business forward.

That is why Cisco chose Ontario as one of its four new global innovation hubs. Cisco realized the incredible opportunity offered by Ontario's deep pool of talent.

Ontario's workforce is highly skilled, with a great education base, both at university and preparation for university. Ontario has long been globally recognized as a centre of excellence for IT innovation

John Chambers
Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems

A high concentration of talent

From project-seasoned physical plant workers to award winning Ph.Ds, Ontario's talent pool of 56,000 highly skilled and educated telecom workers makes it one of the most project-ready sites in North America. In fact, Ontario has a higher concentration of telecom workers than California, New York or Massachusetts.

Low business costs and taxes

Salaries can be up to 30% lower.

Which is why the small, medium-size and large enterprises like doing business here.

Sample Comparison of IT salaries by jurisdiction, 2015
Rank Jurisdiction Population
% of population (25+ years of age) with Bachelor's degree or higher Number
of IT companies
of IT workers
Software Engineer
(5-year average)
Computer Software Developer
(5-year average)
$ Index $ Index
1 California 39,144,818 32.3% 36,187 773,195 142,617 156 152,747 166
2 Ontario 13,685,200 32.2% 20,168 222,805 91,367 100 92,158 100
3 Texas 27,469,114 28.4% 15,221 476,631 116,282 127 124,807 135
4 New York 19,795,791 35.0% 15,387 272,383 130,595 143 140,053 152

Toronto third lowest-risk city in world

Toronto ranks third in the world (out of 138) for lowest risk city for recruiting, employing and relocating employees.

This study helps organizations assess talent management risks to improve success of business operations.
Rank City Jurisdiction
1 New York City New York
3 Toronto Ontario
5 Boston Massachusetts
13 San Diego California
13 San Francisco California
Source: Aon Hewitt Consulting

Lower corporate income taxes

Combined federal and state/provincial income tax rates for manufacturers
Jurisdiction 2014
Ontario 25.0%
New York 36.3%
Massachusetts 37.3%
California 37.9%

The most generous R&D tax credits in the developed world

Combined with federal R&D programs, Ontario's R&D tax credit program can reduce your after-tax cost of every $100 in R&D spending to between $61 and $37. There is no cap on the program and tax credits can be carried back for three years or forward for 20 years allowing you to reduce your federal tax.

And more costs qualify for tax credits when you conduct R&D in Ontario

More costs qualify for R&D tax incentives
  Ontario United States
Contract expenses 80% 65%
Source: Canada Revenue Agency and U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 2014

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs make Ontario an attractive North American jurisdiction; the lowest of the G7 countries.

Industry: Telecommunications
Operation: Telecommunications equipment

KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2014
Telecom: Cost index by country
Country Cost index
Canada 95.6
U.K. 96.4
France 98.0
Italy 98.1
Japan 99.4
U.S. 100
Germany 100.4
International results US$=100
Source: Competitive Alternatives

Support for Innovation

Ontario has a strong innovation ecosystem that will allow you to bring ideas and concepts quickly to commercialization.


  • Accelerator Centre helps entrepreneurs move from start-up to scale-up, accelerate time to market, attract customers and raise investment and drive revenue.
  • Communitech is a research incubator for the entrepreneurial ventures of upcoming high-tech companies, many are started by recent University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University graduates and students.
  • VeloCity, a University of Waterloo program connecting student innovators with mentors and potential investors.

R&D capabilities

2013 marked Ericsson's 60th anniversary in Canada. As one of the top R&D investors in the country, we see the Ottawa R&D Centre playing a key role in the development of our Heterogeneous Network Strategy, developing small cell technology, as well as integrating Carrier Class WiFi capabilities as part of that strategy. Having invested nearly $4 billion in Canadian R&D we are committed to the continual strengthening of Canada's ICT ecosystem.

Mark Henderson
President, Ericsson Canada Inc.


  • Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) is the ultra-high-speed backbone network that supports data-intensive, leading-edge research and big science across Canada and around the world.
  • Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) collaborates with universities and industry to advance research in key focus areas, namely the efficient use of spectrum, next-generation wireless networks, the application of wireless technology to government policy development, and communications for defence and public safety.
  • Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC) is a not-for-profit association that supports design leadership, experience innovation and applied research in Canada's mobile and wireless industries.
  • University of Toronto
    • Mississauga: Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology (ICCIT)
    • St. George: the iSchool researchers at the Faculty of Information
  • Carleton University: Broadband Communication and Wireless Systems Research Centre
  • University of Ottawa: Telecommunications Software Engineering Research Group

Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS), University of Waterloo
This is one the most advanced facilities in the world, supporting innovative research and development activities in radio science, electromagnetic communication and sensing technologies over the widest possible range of frequencies (MHz to THz and beyond). The University of Waterloo believes that this new state-of-the-art facility will help create ground-breaking discoveries in wireless research which could boost consumer technology manufacturers and lead to advances in health care, satellite communications and nanotechnology.

Car in a high-tech test chamber made of cone shaped material that completely absorbs the reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves.

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), at the University of Waterloo is developing a comprehensive graduate research program in wireless communications. Ericsson Communications Canada donated funds to the centre with the goal of training highly qualified personnel in wireless communications.

Other Industry resources:
Waterloo EDC
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
Information Technology Association of Canada
Ottawa Wireless Cluster


Who's in Ontario

An overview of domestic and international corporations with major operations in Ontario.

Corporations operating in Ontario


  • BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises)
  • BlackBerry
  • BTI Systems
  • Cogeco
  • Convergent Telecom
  • DragonWave
  • Enablence Technologies
  • Fiber Core Communications
  • Mitel
  • MTS Allstream
  • NTG Clarity Networks
  • Quartet
  • Quebecor
  • Redline Communications
  • Rogers
  • Sandvine
  • Shaw
  • Telus
  • TBay Tel


  • China
    • Huawei
  • France
    • Alcatel Lucent
  • Greece
    • WIND
  • Sweden
    • Ericsson Canada
  • United States
    • Avaya
    • Ciena
    • Cisco
    • Infinera
    • JDSU
    • Juniper
    • Motorola
    • Optelian Access Networks
    • Qualcomm
    • Verizon

High-quality education, low levels of staff turnover, innovation, and lower operating costs come together to provide outstanding opportunities and that's why these companies are in Ontario.

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